UPDATE: 20. September 2021

Dear friends, unfortunately the ship will arrive later than planned.

Therefore the dates of the pick ups in October have been changed.

The new pick up dates for October:

08.10. Hansestadt Hamburg 1 and it’s environs

09.10. Berlin and its environs

10.10. Hannover–Bielefeld and its environs

12.10. Bremen–Oldenburg–Delmenhorst and its environs

13.10. Hansestadt Hamburg 2 and its environs

14.10. Schleswig-Holstein

15.10. Bremerhaven / Cuxhaven / Stade and its environs

16.10. Schleswig-Holstein

17.10. will be updated 19.10. will be updated 20.10. will be updated

21.10. container will be shipped

Use our simple reservation form on our website to book a reservation for a pick up. https://rc-montevirgen.de/en/#caldera_form_1

The name of the ship: HMM Copenhagen

These times are hard for all of us but with patience normality will be coming back soon. Thank you for your understanding and supporting us no matter what!

Yours truly, Family Montevirgen

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