UPDATE: Balikbayan Box June 21

Balikbayan Box Shipment will delay 7 days

Dear Friends,thank you for your trust and support.

Our next balikbayan box pick up for june will change for 1 week, because the ship have 7 days delay since now.

We are nearly full booked, there are few space left.

12.06. – Berlin

13.06 – Hannover and its environs

14.06. – Schleswig Holstein 1

15.06. – Bremen and its environs

16.06. – Hamburg 1

17.06. – Schleswig Holstein 2

18.06. – “open – could be Hamburg 2”

19.06. –”open”

20.06. – “open- could be Hamburg / Schleswig Holstein 3”

22.06. – Bremerhaven – Stade and its environs

For reservation you could also use our reservation form easily on our website. https://rc-montevirgen.de/en/#caldera_form_1

If you have done your reservation, we will contact you for the exactly date of pick up. We will organize you to the pick up date, you can not choose your pickup date

Thank you and stay healthy

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