November 2021 PICK UP DATES

Hey friends,

Here are the new pick up dates for November:

06.11. Berlin and environs

07.11. Hannover and environs

08.11. Schleswig-Holstein 1

09.11. Hansestadt Bremen and environs

10.11. Hansestadt Hamburg 1 and environs

11.11. Schleswig-Holstein 2

12.11. Bremerhaven and environs

13.11. Hansestadt Hamburg 2 and environs

14.11. open

16.11. open

Dates could be changing due to delays. Here you can book your reservation:

Don’t forget to fill in the packing list for your boxes:…/02/Packinglist-2019_02.pdf

The Ship for the October Container will arrive on 26th of October. Thank you for always using our service and trusting us!Your family Montevirgen

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