UPDATE: 24. October 2021

Hello dear ones,

We are soon approaching the end of this year.

Accordingly, we only have 2 pickups and shipments left to offer for the year 2021.

After that in the new year 2022 , we will not start our routes again until March.

The next pickup in November is expected to be between 11/6 – 11/18.Book your reservation in time on our website: https://rc-montevirgen.de/en/#caldera_form_1

For your understanding, we list important points that you have to consider for each of your packed boxes: – A Balikbayan Box has a weight limit of 70kg. Boxes weighing over the limit will be charged extra. Boxes weighing over 85kg will be rejected and not be taken. – A valid phone number of the recipient must be entered on the packing list. This is very important so that your boxes are guaranteed to be delivered to their recipients.- The agreement on the back of the packing list must be signed.Again, here is a link for the price and packing list: https://rc-montevirgen.de/…/2020/07/pricelist_2020.pdf

The last pickup for December will definitely be before Christmas. You are welcome to book a reservation for this month already: https://rc-montevirgen.de/en/#caldera_form_1

Here is a small update on the last containers:June’s boxes are still distributed in the Philippines.The August and September containers are all on their way.The ship for the October container is once again delayed at the port of Hamburg and will be picked up on Tuesday 11/26/2021.

In addition, we announce that there will be soon a surprise for you. Be excited, because there will be another post about this!Thank you for your cooperation! Stay healthy and happy!

Your family Montevirgen

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